Recruitment Process Outsourcing RPO, Internet Researcher/Sourcer recruiting support services from India
Recruitment Process Outsourcing RPO, Internet Researcher/Sourcer recruiting support services

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) from India

Welcome to Blue Square - an offshore service provider for Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) to the global markets. We provide recruitment process outsourcing and work behind the scene while you concentrate on your core competency areas i.e. management and leadership that enables superior results to be achieved towards the attainment of business objectives and goals. Your people can focus on their core functions and you get a better return on investment.

RPO - Scope of Services

The scope of services, depending upon your requirement, may include but not limited to searching candidates on LinkedIn, from your internal database, job boards, posting open positions ads on job boards, CV/Resume screening, response handling, research for passive candidates, corporate intelligence research, database maintenance, searching for matching profiles on LinkedIn and gathering information from LinkedIn profiles, research and monitoring open positions of other companies on their web sites or job boards to help you analyze market trends and recruiting market.

Recruiting support services

Currently, we are providing recruiting support services (RPO) to clients in the USA for candidates sourcing, resumes searching and screening on leading job boards, short listing potential candidates resumes, communicate with candidates via email and route only interested candidates resumes to executive or technical recruiters of our client companies. This helps executive and technical recruiters to focus on their core functions what they do best networking, build relationships, interview and hire candidates.

Outsource non core functions

In many organizations recruiters spend a majority of their time sorting through resumes in their inbox or finding candidates from job boards - over 60% of their time is spent in these areas. Outsourcing their non core functions help save time and increase productivity levels. Many organizations today are considering recruiting process outsourcing (RPO) from India as one of the possible options to stay ahead and be competitive that helps save time and costs.

Our services

If you need recruiting support services we can provide you services for Job Posting, Research Candidates on Job Boards, Research Passive Candidates on linkedin/internet, Resume Screening from your inbox or internal database, Name Generation, Customized Research, Information Management, and Web Services

Experienced Internet Researchers/Sourcers

We are based in New Delhi, India. Our Internet Researchers/Sourcers are experienced and qualified college graduates with excellent computer skills, Internet savvy. They know popular software packages, databases; spreadsheets; use advanced internet search techniques, x-raying, flipping, peel back, boolean search, compile data in spreadsheet or database.

They have exposure on many vendor job boards and databases e.g. Monster, Dice, CareerBuilder, Computerjobs, HotJobs, search tools, search engines, user clubs, forums, alumni, associations, directories, conferences/seminars, and related industry information available on the internet.

Active and passive candidates

Our sourcers/internet researchers know how to research for active and passive candidates. Though, searching for passive candidates over the internet and/or LinkedIn is time consuming and there is no guarantee candidates with required skills will be available on the internet or LinkedIn.

Our sourcers/internet/LinkedIn researchers make their best efforts to identify passive candidates names, contact number or their resumes, if available. Many of the executive and technical recruiters prefer passive candidates sourcing as they feel that the best candidates don't post resumes on job boards and internet is the best place to find passive candidates.

Domain expertise

Our researchers/recruiters/internet sourcers have experience in number of domains and have provided recruiting support services in Information Technology (IT), Health Care, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Accounts, Engineering, Construction, Financial Services, Logistics etc. You may take a look at positions our internet researchers/sourcers have worked on client's requirements. We are confident to handle your rpo needs in other domains as well.

KPO - Scope of Services



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Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)



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Recruitment Process Outsourcing RPO, New Delhi, India - Internet/LinkedIn Researcher/Sourcer recruiting support services