Internet Researcher/Sourcer, Recruitment Process Outsourcing
Internet Researcher/Sourcer, Recruitment Process Outsourcing
+ Job Posting
+ Active Candidates
+ Passive Candidates
+ Resume Screening
+ Name Generation
+ Lead Generation
+ Custom Research
+ Information Management
+ Web Services

Job Posting

We provide job posting service to save your time and improve productivity. Jobs are posted manually. You free up valuable time so that you can focus your efforts on recruiting functions. You provide us with all the basic information, job title, geographic location, skills required, job type, job reference number and description. We will post your job requirements on job boards where you have subscribed or free job boards and user groups, and your corporate website where ever you specify. Let we take care of your job posting so you can focus on more important things - like recruiting. Our job posting service is very cost effective.

Experienced and Qualified Internet Researchers/Sourcers from Blue Square for your recruiting needs