Internet Researcher/Sourcer, Recruitment Process Outsourcing
Internet Researcher/Sourcer, Recruitment Process Outsourcing
+ Job Posting
+ Active Candidates
+ Passive Candidates
+ Resume Screening
+ Name Generation
+ Lead Generation
+ Custom Research
+ Information Management
+ Web Services

Passive Candidates

Our e-Recruiters are experienced in advanced internet search techniques e.g. boolean, x-raying, flipping, and peel back. We search for passive candidate's resumes on many search engines, directories, lists, conferences, user groups, special interest groups, associations, alumni pages, press releases and other places on the world wide web. You give us your job specifications, criteria, must have skills and other parameters. We search for the candidates who meet the job criteria and send over to you who match close to the requirement. If you prefer we also contact the candidates on your behalf via email and present them your job opportunity. We send you resumes of those candidates who show interest in the position. We save your time in searches and contacting the candidates and present you only the interested candidates.

Experienced and Qualified Internet Researchers/Sourcers from Blue Square for your recruiting needs

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